Customizing My Shoes (Again)

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Moriah Elizabeth

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Hey Guys! Today I am going to be painting and customizing a pair of my white vans. Shoes are such a fun item to paint, and I have so many ideas for ways to decorate these. I hope I give you some inspiration for a fun painting project! I love making custom shoes because you can really put your own style on them and make them personal to you (even if you never actually wear them lol). This is always such a cool, creative and easy activity to do if you're bored or need to get over artist's block. You can even use this technique to upcycle some old shoes!

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Sylvana Martelli
Sylvana Martelli Prieš 11 minučių
Moriah should start making more shoes and sell them i bet a lot of people would buy them! :D
kirby fam
kirby fam Prieš 21 minutę
Hi moriah can we get another sale i would really really want a giant Gorgie i love your videos i am from Scotland and in p4 i love your squishy makeovers love Nicole xx
Jessica Fu
Jessica Fu Prieš 37 minučių
No one: Literally no one: Me: rewatches the tape peeling off 5 times before watching the rest of the video
Rileigh Burris
Rileigh Burris Prieš val
I REALLYYYYY want to see a lemon and lime couple ( Shelly and Harold
• NanoCat •
• NanoCat • Prieš val
When your trying to comment but the cold is making it harder to move my damn fingers;-; ligit it took 5 minutes to write this-
Robloxia Queen
Robloxia Queen Prieš val
She needs to start selling them cause I will pay 99.99
VibingWith Bored
VibingWith Bored Prieš 2 val
@11:14 yes eating it lol
Abagail Castillo
Abagail Castillo Prieš 2 val
Do eny one els think she is being sarcastically
Sunset Island
Sunset Island Prieš 2 val
PAINT A RUBIX CUBE (paste and copy so she sees this) pls ty 😊
Nikki Knight
Nikki Knight Prieš 3 val
So I know no one will answer me but what is her address
Epic ÙwÚ
Epic ÙwÚ Prieš 4 val
Her sweater... asexual
Khloe Prieš 5 val
You painted the tag ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
Potato head
Potato head Prieš 4 val
sadie lol
sadie lol Prieš 5 val
Lets Get TO 6 Million
Bonnie Plays
Bonnie Plays Prieš 5 val
Ahhhh I can’t wait for her to reach 6mil I’m so happy for you!
Amelia Towne
Amelia Towne Prieš 5 val
1:44 nothing to see here
Potato head
Potato head Prieš 4 val
Milky_Clover PlayzZ
Milky_Clover PlayzZ Prieš 6 val
Me: thinks of ice cream Moriah: Dessert. Ice cream O. O
1tapcap Prieš 6 val
What's better than painting food? Eating it.
Casey And Kaylee
Casey And Kaylee Prieš 7 val
I love Her Channel
Sabrina Raimberdeiva
Sabrina Raimberdeiva Prieš 8 val
She almost hitting 6 million subscribers!!
megan siler
megan siler Prieš 8 val
I made plans the dinosaur
cheridan hopkins
cheridan hopkins Prieš 8 val
She should paint a nail set
Panda_ Lofee
Panda_ Lofee Prieš 8 val
You should get a dinosaur mask and turn it into Pickle the Dinosaur copy and past on her page if you agree NOWW
Panda_ Lofee
Panda_ Lofee Prieš 8 val
You should get a dinosaur mask and turn it into Pickle the Dinosaur copy and past on her page if you agree NOWW
Panda_ Lofee
Panda_ Lofee Prieš 8 val
You should get a dinosaur mask and turn it into Pickle the Dinosaur copy and past on her page if you agree NOWW
Panda_ Lofee
Panda_ Lofee Prieš 9 val
You should get a dinosaur mask and turn it into Pickle the Dinosaur copy and past on her page if you agree NOWW
Jessica Rivera
Jessica Rivera Prieš 9 val
Maria Elizabeth I’m so happy I got your plushy and it was already not in stock and I think this was the last plushy
Hattie Vlogs
Hattie Vlogs Prieš 9 val
Why did you stop doing create this book Prieš 10 val
I love u so much and my best friend named khloe is a fan and has a lot of your stuff like your slippers and your cool coloring book when u make your own thing and she watches all your fideo's and she got me in your videos and they are funny and very cute and I watch every single video of yours love u and stay safe☺
Samaah Hamza
Samaah Hamza Prieš 10 val
I want her to do an aesthetic one
Chayce Patton
Chayce Patton Prieš 10 val
I love your shoes but can you please use so more blue and yellow on your art please .
Holly May
Holly May Prieš 10 val
I think that she should have just done the pink stars, bc the other colours ruined it. But, I still looooooove these shoes.
Liz Mcg
Liz Mcg Prieš 10 val
You should do element shoes like Water, Fire, Air, Ground, ect.
ted Smutko
ted Smutko Prieš 10 val
You should do pickle soon
Five nights at mha’s UwU
Five nights at mha’s UwU Prieš 10 val
I actually like the stars they make everything better in my opinion
Camila Rodarte
Camila Rodarte Prieš 10 val
I like how you are working so hard on one shoe 👟 😂
Regan Prieš 11 val
I want to make some umami flavor food shoes!!
lucia forsyth
lucia forsyth Prieš 11 val
lol this was posted on my birthday
Mandy Melon
Mandy Melon Prieš 11 val
were do you get the containers from
Marryanne Isaacs
Marryanne Isaacs Prieš 11 val
Make a among se skwishe
Melleeroo Garland
Melleeroo Garland Prieš 11 val
I really like the stars!
Circus baby Foxy is stupid
Circus baby Foxy is stupid Prieš 11 val
That is not the sprinkle song what happened to The other sprinkle song If you don’t know what that sounds like I will sing it to you in here 🎶Fingers down my spine aren’t you looking mighty fine oh want you rub your fingers down my spine🎶
Brooklyn Pennebaker
Brooklyn Pennebaker Prieš 11 val
Who else wants a among us squishy makeover
Erin Kolinski
Erin Kolinski Prieš 12 val
You should’ve made the others shoe sircals
saleeha Prieš 12 val
Moriah should do a "painting on rubiks cube" video where she paints a character on each side. Copy and paste this to make it happen. (Original comment by @Turtle)
brogan-rae Fullalove
brogan-rae Fullalove Prieš 12 val
you should start a mini-series of designing shoes and putting them on your merch store int hint
Karrie Bogart
Karrie Bogart Prieš 12 val
stars suck
Susan TheSweet
Susan TheSweet Prieš 13 val
Yay! 2021!
Adriana Fair
Adriana Fair Prieš 13 val
you ruined the ASMR with music
The Prime Sisterhood
The Prime Sisterhood Prieš 14 val
next time you pant shoes make Durp and Pikkle
Alex Arvbalt
Alex Arvbalt Prieš 14 val
It’s the shoes😩screaming for some... so..some...some colour😏😉
Cathrine Jackson
Cathrine Jackson Prieš 14 val
We like them
Potato head
Potato head Prieš 4 val
غاليه نواف
غاليه نواف Prieš 14 val
إذا في عرب لايك❤️❤️
Rose Bakewell
Rose Bakewell Prieš 15 val
Katsuni San
Katsuni San Prieš 15 val
Can u do “create this book 2” pls..I rlly love those videos ❤️❤️❤️💞💞💖
[• Aesthetic_StoryTime •]
[• Aesthetic_StoryTime •] Prieš 15 val
Put rubber bands around the cap it will have your hand have more grip on the cap which will make it easier
Baily LPS Productions
Baily LPS Productions Prieš 15 val
Mariah, can u plz paint something with green and blue, they are my FAVORITTTTEEE colors
Waniya Noor
Waniya Noor Prieš 15 val
2:56 when you're opening a water bottle
狐夜 Prieš 15 val
Pls do a 24 hours painting shoes!!!! Love you Moriah!
Suha Ali
Suha Ali Prieš 15 val
Your custom paints are wonderful!
chloeashlen Prieš 16 val
Bored Crafter
Bored Crafter Prieš 16 val
YoU ShOuld AlWAzYs PRoTeCt yOUR SoUl
RubyRunner Prieš 16 val
just saw this on van website, have you ever painted van u-color era
Elizabeth C.
Elizabeth C. Prieš 16 val
The haters will say SHES MAKIJG US OBAY HER PS I love ur vids
Honey jeen
Honey jeen Prieš 17 val
Camrin Bergeron
Camrin Bergeron Prieš 17 val
How do you send squishy.’s
Nilsu Ommati
Nilsu Ommati Prieš 17 val
Hi can you please do a stretch ball likeyou put slime in a like a black thing then you squeeze it in the slime comes out from the hole and I saw you one video that you were moving into a new house and when you are cleaning up your drawers you you had like a tights so I think that will work as a craft
Always Bored
Always Bored Prieš 17 val
paint: keep out of reach from children Moriah: I am the embodiment of a child.
Victoria Graham
Victoria Graham Prieš 18 val
My Mom and I play Cousin Derp and Pickle. I am Pickle and my Mom is Cousin Derp.
Emma Pearce
Emma Pearce Prieš 18 val
Love the boiled egg 🍳🥚
Serah Jene Silva
Serah Jene Silva Prieš 18 val
I would totally buy a pair if there were some for sale!!!
•Lemøn Lizzie•
•Lemøn Lizzie• Prieš 19 val
Ketchup & Mustard Rain & Thunder Ying & Yang Vanilla & Chocolate Cat & Dog :3 those were some of my ideas, hope these were helpful
YT Kwra
YT Kwra Prieš 19 val
Am biggest fan ever
do it now with Naina
do it now with Naina Prieš 20 val
By the way i am Naina and please subscribe to my channel do it now with naina
do it now with Naina
do it now with Naina Prieš 20 val
Moria can you please tell me which paint do you use for your squishies
Emma Lee
Emma Lee Prieš 20 val
I love how Moriah said dessert comes before dinner!
Sofia Falsone
Sofia Falsone Prieš 20 val
So you won't wear these?
Lovo Boat
Lovo Boat Prieš 22 val
I have the same sweater
Ben Sandford
Ben Sandford Prieš 22 val
How do we send stuff ,I made a neclus
KittyCombo Prieš 23 val
Moriah Didn’t Upload This Friday? I Don’t Believe She Said She Would Be Missing An Upload...
Tiffany Cato
Tiffany Cato Prieš dieną
There should be another family member for derp and pickel her name can be Carla and she can be pastel purple they can be a happy rainbow family
Olive Keifer
Olive Keifer Prieš dieną
yes moriah i did miss u alot i love ur vids so much
Nai and May That’s the tea
Nai and May That’s the tea Prieš dieną
Moriah you should do spin art with colors from original squishy’s squishy‘s you haven’t painted on yet
TheShyWolfie Prieš dieną
um let this chic paint my shoes, please
libby yy
libby yy Prieš dieną
phone:ding me:runs to phone AAAA YAY mariah posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HO YING XUAN Moe Prieš dieną
Super super pretty I love it
SnipperSnapper Prieš dieną
Hey, this might sound stupid but I'm really into pokemon so you could do a thing with some of the eevee evolutions, umbreon and espeon! Then it would be like a night and day type contrast
Jessica Carey
Jessica Carey Prieš dieną
I’m not sure how I found this video but I did and you made me laugh And those shoes are adorable You’re my new favorite
Horse Lover101
Horse Lover101 Prieš dieną
Me:Starts to fall asleep Moriah:WhAt ArE yOu DoInG?! Me:gets startled and wakes up 😶
[GD] NaniNinja
[GD] NaniNinja Prieš dieną
3:24 who else thought the paint looked like.. u-um.. human male liquids..?
Sofia Del rio
Sofia Del rio Prieš dieną
me: totally not watching in the middle of the night... parents: QUE?!?!
Valery Grave
Valery Grave Prieš dieną
I love love love love love love your videos so much I did activities 😊☺️
Keira T-m
Keira T-m Prieš dieną
High key this should be a series
Konocti Schleich
Konocti Schleich Prieš dieną
Lily Smith
Lily Smith Prieš dieną
“There is a seller on Amazon selling Moriah’s design, and merchandise, without giving her credit. This isn’t fair, Moriah works so hard on all her squishies and merch. Copy and paste! Let’s try and get Moriah to see this comment! Please help, and thank you!” (All credit goes to Charlie Dog, the original commenter)
Fynna Ghazali
Fynna Ghazali Prieš dieną
I like your vid it's awesome and lil weird 😄😄
Littlecrowraven Is sad
Littlecrowraven Is sad Prieš dieną
I have a great idea on how you can wear your shoes but never get them messed up... OK so you know how in Japan you have inside shoes an outside shoes... Well you just do that
AmazingTomboy120 Prieš dieną
TIP - run bottle under hot water to soften the plastic, makes opening it easier
Marlisa Emerson
Marlisa Emerson Prieš dieną
You are amazing moriah
BLU BLU Prieš dieną
Chicken nugget.
ꨄOlivia and Lauraꨄ
ꨄOlivia and Lauraꨄ Prieš dieną
██░▀██████████████▀░██ █▌▒▒░████████████░▒▒▐█ █░▒▒▒░██████████░▒▒▒░█ ▌░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░▐ ░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░ ███▀▀▀██▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄██▀▀▀██ ██░░░▐█░▀█▒▒▒▒▒█▀░█▌░░░█ ▐▌░░░▐▄▌░▐▌▒▒▒▐▌░▐▄▌░░▐▌ █░░░▐█▌░░▌▒▒▒▐░░▐█▌░░█ ▒▀▄▄▄█▄▄▄▌░▄░▐▄▄▄█▄▄▀▒ ░░░░░░░░░░└┴┘░░░░░░░░░ ██▄▄░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄██ ████████▒▒▒▒▒▒████████ █▀░░███▒▒░░▒░░▒▀██████ █▒░███▒▒╖░░╥░░╓▒▐█████ █▒░▀▀▀░░║░░║░░║░░█████ ██▄▄▄▄▀▀┴┴╚╧╧╝╧╧╝┴┴███ ██████████████████████
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